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November  29, 2020 Sunday
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What is CSI?
China Iron Ore Spot Price Index (CSI) is an index system based on Fe 62% content dry basis, covering imported fines index, domestic fines index, imported lump index and integrated fines index. The integrated fines index is calculated by a data model with the weighted average of China spot price of both imported and domestic iron ore.

What is CSI's Advantages?
Transaction Price. Samples are the actual transaction prices, guaranteeing veracity, authenticity and timeliness.
Perfect System. CSI is the sole issuer for lump price index, offering closest reference price for market players.
Reasonable Samples. Numerous data sources and comprehensive distribution.
Functional Calculation. CSI evaluates all important indicators from the standpoint of smelting by using CUSTEEL Iron Ore Quality Evaluation system.
How is CSI Produced?
Samples are all transaction prices.
Samples of imported iron ore refer to a combination of spot transaction prices at 10 main ports in China; domestic iron ore refer to a combination of transaction prices from 33 sampling point in 15 cities.
Samples possess typicality and large-scaled transaction.

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