Custeel Ecological Low-Carbon, Sustainable Development Initiative



To the whole iron and steel industry:


The world's coordinated development has stirred great changes to the global economy. While bringing welfare to the humans, rapid economy growth has also imposed global warming and environment pollution on them. Their living space has constantly been threatened by the extreme climate and severe environment. Global warming has become a common problem across nations and races.

In 1990s, the international community drew up the "United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change" (UNFCCC) and inked the "Kyoto Protocol" in Japan, requiring various states to reduce industrial carbon dioxide emission averagely by 5.2% from in 1990 in the 2008-2012 period. It marked that the international community had stepped into a substantial GHG emissions mitigation era and carbon emission cut turned into a key target for the contracting states in their economy growth and production & operation activities.

As a responsible state, China carried out the "Kyoto Protocol" and clearly advanced in its "12th Five-year Plan" to trim energy consumption and carbon emission each by 16% and 17% for per RMB10,000 GDP. The country also stated in its "Industrial Energy Consuming 12th Five-year Plan" that the steel sector must decrease energy usage for RMB10,000 added value by 18%.

In the 5th Session of the 11th National Pepole's Congress, Premier Wen Jiabao proposed in the Government Work Report that China will launch carbon emission and pollutant emission permit trading pilots in 2012. Energy reserve, emission reduction, low-carbon and environmental protection have become the guiding ideology of Chinese government's environmental protection works.

Comprehensively promoting energy reserve & emission reduction and developing ecological low-carbon economy have been an inevitable trend in future economic society. Iron and steel industry is energy-intensive as a pillar industry of Chinese economic development. As the whole world is appealing to low-carbon and environment-friendly development, and as there is still a long way to go for fulfilling the target of stabilizing international climatic change, iron and steel industry ought to be liable for the crucial task.

On this occasion, under the support of all the shareholders, Custeel initiates and calls on Chinese iron and steel industry to jointly promote "Ecological Low-Carbon, Sustainable Development".


Initiatives are as follows:

1. To reduce the energy consumption and pollution from steel production by eliminating the backward production facilities, updating equipment and innovating technology. Popularizing high-efficiency, energy saving technologies and strengthening the utilization of recyclable resources to boost environmental friendly development of steel and iron industries.

2. To enhance the construction of balanced ecosystem by planting more trees and neutralizing the carbon emission.

3. Live a low-carbon lift and implement the paperless office.

4. Advocate low-carbon consumption and austerity and avoid waste.

5. Develop strong sense of environmental protection and assume the responsibility of advocating low-carbon life.


Action is urgently needed to maintain an environmental friendly development. We will make concerted effort to boost a healthy development of steel and iron industry, inheriting the human civilization; we wish to achieve everlasting accomplishment by laying solid foundation for development. From now on, let's lead a low-carbon life.